Do you have a plan B?

When we watched this Night Line episode the other night  it touch a nerve with us and really became the catalyst for our Art Prize concept.  Ever since our family moved back from NYC in 2006 we have become increasingly concerned about the fragility of our present food systems as well as the general un-sustainability of our societies present approach to life in general.  In response to our concern we have created a large back yard garden, begun to keep laying hens and breed rabbits.  We have lived without a car now for five years and often feel like we are living in a completely different world than that of our neighbors. So this years Art Prize project is Plan B.   An interactive environment where we can experiment with a different kind of future, a future more or less made by hand. So far we will have a working blacksmith creating simple tools, a leather worker, a display of homemade shoes. We are trying to figure out how we can even use peddle power to drive some simple machines typically you would need to plug in.  Maybe we could have a peddle powered  generator to store electricity to power lights  in our encampment at night.  We want this to be fun as well as stir up a good dialogue towards a better future for everyone. We also are planning on performers of music and of the juggler variety to help create a fun environment.  We are artists for God’s sake and though we are bumping into science and talking with engineers, this is not primarily a science project but an artistic one springing from slightly overactive imaginations.  We are people who love drama and a world falling apart in need of a complete make over sounds like a lot of fun.  We realize this is a naive response but perhaps if we remain playful we can stumble on to some much needed break throughs.


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