Off Grid Laundry Machine

I think this is just BEGGING to be made… The plans are in issue 18 of Make Magazine!



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3 responses to “Off Grid Laundry Machine

  1. Connie

    I am SO tired of paying to wash and dry clothes. Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

  2. Sandy

    One does not need machinery including this non-electric model to successfully clean items. I’ve chosen to not own a mechanical washing machine or dryer for almost 20 years now and have no regrets whatsoever including winter washing and drying in snow country. I use two recycled 3-gallon white buckets in my double-bowled kitchen sink. No back-breaking bending of using the bathtub nor knuckle-scraping washboard. Today’s detergents do all of the work and I use a very small amount. I have trash-picked enough of it to give to family and keep me in suds probably for the rest of my life. If I ever needed more, simple and cheap recipes for homemade detergent are on the Internet. Make 5 gallons for pennies. The remaining water is used to flush the toilet or water perennials. No chemical fabric softener (which is really just oil) is needed as the breeze does a perfect job naturally. No electric iron or board needed. No plastic bottles to fill the city recycling bin. My clotheslines, clothes poles and some clothes pins were trash-picked for free. Some clothes pins were a gift. Hanging on-line outside is a spiritual experience for me.

    Comfortably living below the poverty level off this wasteful culture.

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