ArtPrize: Finished – Plan B: Just Beginning

By Michael Hoyt

ArtPrize is over and the Plan B town has been dismantled for going on two weeks now but it seems like just yesterday the whole crew was cracking acorns, jamming to great music and talking around campfires. I have to admit that it took me personally at least a week to get used to a home-life again that didn’t consist of quick showers and running back to Ah-Nab-Awen Park.

Part of why I wanted to write today was to give a belated but heartfelt THANK YOU too all of the people that helped to make Plan B happen. There were many businesses throughout Grand Rapids that donated food and goods also, Marie Catrib’s, Ada Bike Shop, Rowster’s Coffee, and Coat of Many Colors are a few that I’m sure of. Maybe my fellow collaborators can chime in here with some other names. If I haven’t listed you, please don’t feel unappreciated! Everyone who gave of themselves to make our project happen was felt in the warmth of the project and continues to have our thanks.

The second reason for this post is to let everyone know that Plan B is not over! As a community of friends who grew beautiful relationships this past summer, we are going to keep meeting and see where we can take the ideas and concepts of Plan B next. We are all very much interested in creating a more powered-down and sustainable future for ourselves and our communities and we’re always welcoming new and interested folks into our Plan B Family!

We have met twice since the end of ArtPrize and already the talk of what might lay on the horizon for our group has begun. We met SO many people during ArtPrize that expressed interest in what we were doing and here is your invitation to please join us!

We normally meet for a potluck dinner every Sunday evening at 5:30pm at the Beerhorst family’s home at 106 Fuller Ave. SE in Grand Rapids, MI. Please note that this Sunday is Halloween and we won’t be meeting Sunday but rather Saturday night at 7:00pm for movie night. If you are interested in joining us for some great food and discussion, please join us!

If you would like more information about us, please email either Rick Beerhorst or myself.


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